Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Eat raw, use in fruit salads, add to mashed bananas, make into ice-cream and sorbets, drinks, desserts, fillings for cakes and as an accompaniment to spicy dishes such as curry. Complementary flavours are cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, orange, honey and vanilla.

Custard Apple Drawing Tip - put custard apple flesh in a blender and whiz for 2 seconds only, the seeds will scoop out easily.

Serve beside yoghurt and orange juice soaked muesli for a fresh energy packed breakfast. Spoon out pulp and mix with sour cream or yoghurt for a parfait dish. Add segments to a prawn or seafood cocktail.

Great!To make a quick delicious drink scoop flesh into blender and add any of the following in a 50/50 ratio; orange juice, milk and coffee, strawberries, milk with nutmeg on top, ginger ale. A cocktail comes alive with 400g custard apple flesh, juice of 1 lemon. 185ml gin. Mix, cover and chill. Pour into chilled glasses garnish with mint and lemon.

Jade Kiss Cocktail is made with 1 small custard apple, 125ml pineapple juice. 1/4cup white rum, 125ml fresh orange juice, juice of 1 lemon. crushed ice. Remove seed. blend flesh. add all other ingredients and blend. Pour into tall glasses and decorate with a slice of orange. Serve cut wedges on a fruit/cheese platter.

Spoon into meringue cases with cream.

Try spooning flesh cup of custard apple flesh into a parfait glass, add pulp of l passion fruit, add 1 cup custard, top with whipped cream.

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