Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New Custard Apple Variety Just Released

Say hello to "TROPIC SUN"Tropic Sun Variety


Custard Apple - Atemoya

Root stock: Annona Cherimola, Annona Squamosa

Features: A small free fruiting tree suitable for home gardens. Ripe fruit has sweet creamy textured pulp with fewer seeds. Pick as mature firm fruit and ripen at room temperature.

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New Custard Apple Recipes

More and more recipes featuring custard apple as an ingredient are being published. This is mainly a result of our industry's domestic promotion program overseen by Horticulture Australia Limited which is bringing the fruit to the consumers' attention in a very positive way. Custard apples should be part of a healthy diet and combine well with other foods for a low-fat tasty combination.

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Weighty Issues

The National Obesity Taskforce has been established in Australia to combat the worrying number of people who are overweight or obese. In Australia that is about 67% of males, 53% of females, and our children and teenagers rate on a world scale as some of the fattest.

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