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Custard Apples Australia was previously known as the Australian Custard Apples Growers Association (ACAGA). The name change took place in May 2012.

This association was formed in 1991 to represent and promote the Custard Apple industry in Australia nationally by:

  • Fostering communication between all industry sectors.
  • Ensuring the efficient, effective, equitable and accountable use of industry resources for research, development, marketing and promotion.
  • Pursuing comprehensive domestic and export marketing by way of the Industry's preferred marketing group The Jadefruit Custard Apple Marketing Association Incorporated.

Custard Apples Australia is an association of new and established growers who encourage each other to grow fruit to a consistent quality to attain the best market price for our efforts. This means the sharing and dissemination of information, practical use of research done on our behalf, communication between growers and all others involved in the industry by means of workshops, field days, updates on market activities, etc.

Member growers and other Associate members receive a newsletter "The Custard Apple" every 3 months which covers a wide scope of matters affecting growers from North Queensland to Northern NSW.

Once a member of Custard Apples Aust., a grower can join the recommended marketing group the Jadefruit Custard Apple Marketing Association.

Service Industries are encouraged to join as Associate members and gain the benefit of the newsletter.

Membership to Custard Apples Aust. is $110 a year. To become a member of Custard Apples Aust., please fill in our online Membership form, or write to the Secretary at: Custard Apples Australia, PO Box 542, Gin Gin Q4671. Email  Secretary

Custard Apples Aust. is a truly democratic body run by a Management Committee comprising nine grower members elected by their regional groups. The management committee works all year on projects and matters arising from their 6 monthly management meetings.

Much of the Management Committee's work and achievements on behalf of all growers is made available in the Newsletter, and members of the Committee report back to their regional groups through meetings and field days.

Information from the Committee will now be available through this website in the Members Only area.

The Management Committee is in place to represent custard apple growers interests. You may contact your area representative any time to either raise issues for discussion, to seek information, and to find out the benefits of membership.

Your Management Committee is:

Your Management Committee is:

Northern NSW John Graham 0416 219 105
  Brian Keating 0419 651 758
  Cindy Hogan 0466 546 012

SE Qld Daniel Jackson 0427 653 007 
  Dan De Clara 07 5496 0089
  Karen Martin 0456 789 380

Wide Bay Cassie Warren 0418 157 612 
  Mike Blasco 0400 115 405

North Queensland Wayne Stewart ph: 0407 964970

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