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Say hello to "TROPIC SUN"Tropic Sun Variety


Custard Apple - Atemoya

Root stock: Annona Cherimola, Annona Squamosa

Features: A small free fruiting tree suitable for home gardens. Ripe fruit has sweet creamy textured pulp with fewer seeds. Pick as mature firm fruit and ripen at room temperature.


Conditions: Plant in sunny well drained position protected from hot dry winds. Keep free from frosty areas. High humidity during flowering promotes fruit set.

For best results: Mulch tree and prune tree in Spring to open vase shape. Fertilize well after fruit set with organic fertilizer. Regular watering commencing at flowering to harvest is important.

Uses: Eat fresh or use pulp in smoothies, ice-cream, cheesecake etc.

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From The Tropic Sun Media Release

  • The ‘Tropic Sun’ is a new variety of custard apple developed through the industry’s breeding program conducted by DEEDI’s Dr Alan George at Maroochy Research Station.
  • Traditionally custard apples have been grown commercially and then sold onto consumers through retail outlets. However, for the first time, smaller trees (3-4 mtrs) suitable for growing in the average home garden are being released to the public as a retail backyard variety. The Tropic Sun custard apple tree is best suited to warm tropical and sub-tropical regions along Australia’s eastern seaboard (e.g. from the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland down to Alstonville in northern New South Wales).
  • Tropic Sun fruit is expected to be ready for harvest in around 2-3 years from planting the tree (much sooner than the two other main varieties: Pink’s Mammoth and African Pride). Mature fruit has a sweet creamy textured pulp with fewer seeds than other varieties.
  • The Australian Custard Apple Growers Association (ACAGA) sees the release of this variety to the public as a way for the consumer to taste first-hand the exquisite flavour of the custard apple.
  • The release of the Tropic Sun has potential to contribute to the economy of the retail and wholesale nursery industry based on increased public demand. It is also expected to benefit commercial growers in the future as the wider population begins to taste and recognise the fruit.
  • It is expected there will be around 2,000 plants available to the public in February 2011 distributed by Fitzroy Nurseries in Rockhampton to nurseries throughout Queensland. For information as to where plants can be purchased, contact Fitzroy Nurseries on 07 4927 2388 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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